2 thoughts on “Connections 10 Feb 2019

  1. The more I listen to this series, the more I realize how little I know! Whew….. what a fine adventure on which we embarked this week!
    My familiarity with the musicians who did the vocals on this week’s session was fairly good, but…I had NO idea who the Wrecking Crew was, or even what they did! When I finished the Wikipedia research on them, I was speechless! When they cut their teeth on the insane-still imprisoned-yet genius, Phil Spector, and continued at least through the late 70’s, it is no wonder these musicians made the Hall of Fame, although in 2007.
    Amazing dives into Glenn Campbell, also the Simon and Garfunkel separation.
    Bravo, Paul. Another jewel…..
    p.s. only mentioned Eric Clapton twice?…heehee

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    • Your kind words always bring me joy Marty! The Wrecking Crew were an outstanding contribution to popular music and their demise was only due to the new bands who could play their instruments and regarded session players as not necessary. I do mention them in the up-coming Connections 11 and hope you enjoy it dear Marty!


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