2 thoughts on “Connections 12 Apr 2019

  1. Marvelous program! The Billie Holiday segment was heart-breaking, and now I will buy the bio. And yes, many people do not know the many facets of the great Sam Cook. He was so much more than just his music. Great segway to Marvin Gaye. He is like the basic little black cocktail dress: timeless and always in fashion!
    Thanks for another gem, Paul

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    • Once again Marty I’m truly thankful for your comments and appreciate your time to listen to the show and write to me. The Billie Holiday section was difficult to deliver and you can tell I was ‘choking up’. An unbelievably sad life full of abuse from partners, managers and various people who took advantage of her for their own gain. The research into Sam Cooke was an eye-opener for me; such a talented young man! I’m so pleased you liked my music selection and onwards to Connections 13. x

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