2 thoughts on “Connections 6

  1. Gracious sakes alive! I am still trying to comprehend the Chris Gaines/Garth Brooks incarnation. That would be like the great lady of country music ( in her day), Tammy Wynette deciding to whip up a little Lady Gaga and see what happens. I’m no fan of Garth Brooks, except for Low Places, but WTF????
    Loved the session. I always learn something new from you. My favorite feature of your show is how you showcase the collaboration of some of the older singers with the newer ones. Crossing styles, genres, cultures, etc. with musicians very different to each other.
    That said, I guess the country Garth Brooks became so famous, he was boring, especially to himself. So he stuck his toe in the water and ventured out a bit. Ya gotta give him that…..
    Thanks for another great show, Paul!

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    • Thanks Marty! I too am not a huge fan of Brooks or country music in general but he did open doors for many and move the genre into a more modern setting. I’m so pleased you are enjoying the series. I loved your Tammy Wynette analogy! I’m also enjoying the research and agree with you; there are great players around who speak the language of music and have been able to ‘speak’ through the decades. Thanks again for your great support.

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