2 thoughts on “Connections 5

  1. A wonderful session, as always. Beautiful tribute to Aretha. I watched a special after her death, which included her 2015 performance at the Kennedy Center. The camera followed the emotions of Barack and Michelle Obama, as well as Carole King and others. When Aretha honored Carole King by singing “ A Natural Woman”, which she wrote for Franklin in 1967,
    King cried throughout the entire song. ( Speaking of, a definite nod to you for highlighting Jerry Wexler in Connection 5! ). Didn’t know about the great window washing story.
    Also, a strange coincidence relevant to this session. Last month, while in Miami, I got Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason” stuck in my head. Which lead me to another favorite of mine, Macy Gray’s “I Try”. Then comes your broadcast, which not only touches on both, but includes the Nora Jones song “Don’t Know Why”, which I had forgotten about and is now added to my playlist!
    Paul, you are doing exactly the thing you should be doing as far as hosting this series. I hope it continues for a long, long time….

    Thanks, my friend,

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    • I’m delighted you looked the show. I too saw many youtube videos and certainly that Carole King tribute was such a terrific and moving performance. I’m enjoying the research into some of my favourite songs and am learning not only about the artists but also about how to tell their stories! Thank you once again for your kind words Marty!


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