Connections 29 – Oct 2020


The last Connections finished with ‘Shipbuilding’ (1983) by Elvis Costello from his Punch The Clock album. For the opening song of Connections 29 we linked Costello as the songwriter of….

‘Baby Plays Around’ wriiten by Costello and his partner Cait O’Riordon and intepretated by the Brad Mehldau Trio on their LP Where Do You Start (2012). We followed all three players, Mehldau, Larry Granadier and Jeff Ballard to…

‘Say The Brother’s Name’ (2006) by Pat Metheny and Brad Mehldau from the album by the same name. We then linked Power Station recording engineer Rob Eaton to…

‘The Things That I used To Do’ by Stevie Ray Vaugh from his second release Couldn’t Stand The Weather (1984). We then moved Stevie Ray as guest guitarist on to…

“Living In America’ (1985) by James Brown. Written by Dan Hartman from the album Gravity. We followed James Brown to his first hit…

‘Please, Please, Please’ (1956) written by Brown and Famous Flames singer Bobby Byrd. Guitarist Kenny Burrell played on the LP so we followed him to…

‘The Organgrinder’s Swing’ (1965) by Burrell and Jimmy Smith. Grady Tate was the drummer so we linked him to the final song of this Connections…

‘Gone At Last’ (1975) from Paul Simon’s Still Crazy After All These Years LP.

We will follow someone involved in that track to the opening song of November’s Conection 30!

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