Connections 20 Jan 2020

Connections 20

From the last song in Connections 19, ‘Catherine Howard’ by Rick Wakeman, we followed percussionist Frank Ricotti to

“He Can Only Hold Her’ by Amy Winehouse from her Back To Black LP (2006). Members of The Dap-kings played on the track so we followed Ian Hendrickson-Smith, Dave Guy and Thomas Brenneck to

‘I’ll Still Be True’ by Sharon Jones & The Dap-kings. From there we took Neal Sugarman on to

“Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. We could then follow Mars as a songwriter on

“Forget You’ by Ceelo Green. On Green’s Ladykiller LP (2010) was programmer/bassist Tony Reyes so we followed him to

‘Makes Me Wanna Pray’ by Christina Aguilera.  The sample used on the song was from Steve Winwwod who also played live on this track so we followed Steve Winwood to the original song

‘Glad’ from the Traffic LP John Barleycorn Must die (1970).  Traffic drummer Jim Capaldi wrote some of the lyrics on

‘This Is Reggae Music’ by Zap Pow.  Guitarist Dwight Pinkney co-wrote the song so we traced him to

‘Return To Django’ by The Upsetters in 1969.  Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry produced and co-wrote the track so we followed Perry as the co-songwriter (with Junior Murvin) to a cover version of their song.

‘Police & Thieves’ by The Clash.



2 thoughts on “Connections 20 Jan 2020

  1. Wow. This may be one of my favorite session. The over-arching feel to me was that James Brown was sitting there with you in the studio giving you an “Amen” on your choices! Since I listened to this Connections, I have been in awe of Sharon Jones.
    I had not known about her. In my readings, I learned her mother was, in fact, a friend of James Brown. One not familiar with the Middle Georgia/ South Carolina border could easily be confused about the term “Augusta”. It Is one metro area which straddles the Savannah River. Brown grew up on the Georgia side and Sharon Jones on the South Carolina side.
    At any rate, I am now a huge fan of the Dap-Kings. When she sings “Better Things To Do”, I hear Carla Thomas, only a better version of an already great artist.
    Also loved the tie-in with Bruno Mars, whom I did not associate with soul/funk in my mind. “Uptown Funk”….another just Wow!
    Thanks for another dive into the eclectic genres which wind their way into your programs each month, Paul…

    ps…an overdue nod to the various sound equipment you photograph for each session. Great black and white shots :+))

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    • Thank you dear Marty. I knew I wanted to lead on from Amy Winehouse to the Dap-kings and in one of the Oxford magazines you kindly sent there she was! A lovely happenstance. I was also unaware of Mars as a songwriter so I’m always learning when I do my research. I’m having fun trying to throw in well known songs and obscure tunes too!


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