Connections 19 Dec 2019


Connections 19


From “I Feel For You’ by Chaka Khan we followed the songwriter

Prince to his first recorded output in 1977 by 94 East on a song called ‘Just Another Sucker’.  Colonel Abrams was the lead singer of 94 East so that led us to

Colonel Abrams singing “Trapped’ in 1985 produced by Richard Burgess who we then followed to his band

Landscape playing ‘Einstein Ago-go’ in 1981.  John Walters was also a band member so we traced him as producer for

The Michael Gibbs Orchestra on the 1988 tune ‘Adult’.  We follow Michael Gibbs as he did the orchestration on the LP for

Peter Gabriel on “Salisbury Hill’ from his debut in 1977. We then moved guitarist Steve Hunter on to

Alice Cooper singing ‘Generation Landside’ from the 1973 Billion Dollar Babies LP. Marc Bolan was a guest on the LP so we followed him to

‘Get It On’ by T.Rex from the Electric Warrior album.  On keyboards was

Rick Wakeman, so we finished the show with his track “Catherine Howard’ from Six Wives of Henry VIII done in 1973

Connections 20 in Jan 2020 will follow on from that track!



2 thoughts on “Connections 19 Dec 2019

  1. Where did the holidays go? What a fine program # 19 was! This time I am not going to look up these musicians before I comment. I don’t need to sound any more cool and musically savvy than I already am :+)))…
    Einstein A Go-Go ????? I liked that song because the upbeat bouncy feel to that song reminded me of The Talking Heads early stuff, which I loved.
    I never knew who Peter Gabriel was, but strangely, was introduced to Genesis, by the legendary fitness guru, Richard Simmons. I had him come to Mobile, (Alabama) to host the National Miss Wheelchair America Pageant back when it was still politically correct to be considered a “pageant “. He stayed 3 days and loved to get the girls going with the Genesis songs. I have so much respect for the man he really is….wherever he is..
    Loved the backstory of the Betty Davis inspiration for Alice Cooper! Hopefully, he later acknowledged those warriors in wheelchairs who completed his image…:+))))..
    I will also be adding “Get It On” by the Electric Warriors (?) to my playlist.
    My new Alexa never lets me down. Siri should retire. This woman rocks.
    Enough, dear Paul. I did a back to back double Connections this beautiful morning, so on to # 20!

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