Connections 18 Nov 2019

Connections 18

Connections 18 Summary

Connections 17 finished with ‘A Day In The House’ by Jeff Beck.  We follow the engineer Leif Mases to the opening song of Connections 18

‘Born Under A Bad Sign’ by Paul Rodgers.  Booker T co-wrote the song so we move to

‘Green Onions’ by Booker T and the MGs.  We then follow drummer Al Jackson acting as a producer on

“Ain’t No Sunshine’ by Bill Withers.  Steven Stills plays guitar so we go to

‘Love The One You’re With’ by Steven Stills.  We can follow backing singers Graham Nash, John Sebastian and Mama Cass to

“Burn Your Hatred’ by Cass Elliot (written by Nash).  Harvey Brooks plays the bass on this track and also bass on

‘John McLaughlin’ by Miles Davis.  We then follow John to

“Do You Hear The Voices You Left Behind?’ on John’s ‘Electric Guitarist’ LP.  Michael Walden was the drummer so we moved on to Michael acting as a producer on

‘How Will I Know’ by Whitney Houston. Robbie Buchanan plays keyboards on this and

‘I Feel For You’ by Chaka Khan.

How can we link this to the start song of Connections 19?!

2 thoughts on “Connections 18 Nov 2019

  1. Hi Paul, and a happy Post-Thanksgiving Day to you!
    After hosting 26 family folks yesterday, I looked forward to a day of relaxing and catching on my favorite blog. We had 12 from Alabama and 16 from Majorca!
    Obviously, the true devotee of Connections will have easy access to a pen, paper and Wikipedia as they follow each episode. Which is why when you discussed Born Under A Bad Sign, I thought of the great Albert King. That led me to learn what a “diddley bow” was ( a one stringed African instrument, which I was completely unaware of). Always a fan of the legendary, Bo Diddley, I was shocked to learn the identity of his personal valet: Marvin Gay!!
    Moving along, I am always excited when you mention Roy Orbison. The unmistakable black wavy hair, the signature black glasses, the absence of a massively inflated ego, the humble beginnings in a West Texas Town, and of course, the gift of song and of writing song…..but, oh wait! Who were we talking about??
    Of course! It was Buddy Holly! All of the above , including the shared rare non-addiction to drugs and alcohol, and the heartbreak of dying before their time.
    Vernon, Texas (Orbison) is east of Lubbock but in terms of the size of the state, not far at all. Both considered West Texas, which has managed to breed it’s very own style of music.
    Buddy’s home town of Lubbock has produced a cross-section of musicians. Mac Davis wrote 3 of Elvis Presley’s early hits, Delbert McClinton, Dixie Chicks, etc have done well, but the wierdest “celebrity” I read about from Lubbock was a guy that Inspired David Bowie! His name was Norman Carl Odam a.k.a. , The Legendary Stardust Cowboy. Bowie covered Odam’s “ I took a trip on the Gemini Spaceship”, and ( some say) the Ziggly Stardust album was named for him.
    And, lastly, Paul, speaking of musicians you often feature: guess who was Odam’s inspiration: Chet Akins!

    OK, my friend…..
    Thanks again, for all you do to keep us questioning, learning and appreciating those fine musicians you feature each session!

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