2 thoughts on “Connections 15 July 2019

  1. Another trip down a musical memory lane. I had not realized Roberta Flack sang “Where Is The Love”. A great song. I tend to associate her solely with “Killing Me Softly”. And Curtis Mayfield! I always loved the groove of “Superfly”, but wow….. “The Pusherman” was powerful! Which takes me back to Steppenwolf and their song “The Pusher”. Just hearing their opening chords on their studio album still brings chills…
    I know there are lots of folks in your listening audience who experience the same sensory nostalgia, when they hear your Connections sessions. I would love to read their comments, and encourage them to share a few!

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    • Marty, some lovely remarks here. Thank you! The Steppenwolf song certainly is a clever lyric and has a powerful chord structure. There’s a live version from Louisville in 2000 that is very impressive. I do get some great feedback from my shows but most are verbal when people see me out and about! :-)) Thanks again Marty for your wonderful support. x

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