Connections 14 June 2019

This session was recorded at home two days after my live show went belly up. (Tech failure after tech failure and only eight minutes of audio recorded).

It’s good to be ‘live’ for a show; it keeps you on your toes but I must admit to quite enjoying a pre-recorded session as you can fix stuff!

Connections 14 June 2019

2 thoughts on “Connections 14 June 2019

  1. Well done! Could not hear one bit of difference in quality, continuity, etc..
    When I heard John Mayer, I thought it was you! What a striking similarity you two have in vocal style and range!
    Will check out the Bob Reynolds utubes. Anyone that can multi-task with children in the house and remain sane will get a high-five from me… least this summer :+)).
    Thanks for another pleasant interlude which, for one brief hour, mutes the harsh reality of a summer minding two pre-teens! ( just kidding, sort of )…

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    • Marty, you adore those kids :-)))
      I’m chuffed you liked the show and I’ll regard the John Mayer comparison as high praise indeed. I’ll find you the relevant Reynolds’s video and you can work back and forth from there. One to look out for is ‘When Chris Potter jammed with Snarky Puppy’. Astonishing solo incorporating every style of sax playing in the last 60 years. Onwards and upwards dear Marty x

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