3 thoughts on “Connections 13 May 2019

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  2. Great session this month! My favorite Jackson Browne song entitled “Here”, was first introduced in the final screen credits of the movie, “Shrink”, which starred Kevin Spacey, as a psychiatrist whose wife committed suicide. I don’t know if Browne wrote it specifically for the movie, but the lyrics and melody are heartbreaking and beautiful.
    Can never go wrong with anything or anybody associated with the Motown label. What a stable of superstars came from that company and that era!
    Thanks, Paul, for all the work you put into these sessions which makes us want to learn what we never knew, and remember what we did know!


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    • Marty! I’m way behind on my social media stuff. A joy to read your lovely comment. Thank you so much for this and I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the show. I listened to the Jackson Browne song; beautiful sentiment. It’s on his last album released in 2014 but the film is 2009 so I think he did write it especially for the movie! Thanks again! x


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