2 thoughts on “Connections 11 Mar 2019

  1. Ah, yes! Another nostalgic walk down memory lane, but, as always, with twists and turns of trivia never known before!
    Nilsson… oh, how I had wished his beautiful song, “ I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City”, would have been included in “Midnight Cowboy”, but they only used “Everybody’s Talking”.
    Lulu… I thought her voice sounded familiar. She sang the theme for “To Sir With Love”, right? Over here, there was only one “Shout!” for us, obviously, The Isley Brothers. A fantastic blend of rock ‘n roll, r ‘n b, and Praise and Response Gospel. But I really liked your version. Her big voice was a little akin to Etta James…(ps…rock on, Muscle Shoals, rock on!).
    Am learning about Enarra (?) George, and thank you for introducing me to her. And for the nod to the Scissor Sisters, whom my 12 year old granddaughter loves. I will check them out.
    Somehow, in the haze of the late ‘60’s, I may have missed Harpers Bizarre. Will need to research…so much material packed into your shows, I try to actually take notes!
    Thank you again, Paul, for your monthly musical mental inspiration. Yours is indeed, a unique concept and, no question, your listeners in the UK are lucky to have you!
    btw, Congrats on getting your single, Happy Accident, on iTunes!! Where is Fred Astaire when we need him :+)))


    • Marty, what a fabulous comment. Yes, Inara George is a delight. And you are right; Lulu did ‘To Sir With Love’! My next show is in a couple of days so I better get on with the research! Happy Accident is going well. A new song out in May too! Hope your recovery is going well dear Marty and thanks again for your kind words x

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