2 thoughts on “Acoustic Session

  1. Wow. Just…..wow. Way too many thoughts to fit in here. What a treat for an ole girl from South Alabama to first understand the accent! The talented young lady almost sounded partly Scottish in her speech, as did the broadcaster. Is it because you guys live in the North country, as opposed to say, London, or southern England?

    I have a much better ear for your speech patterns, Paul, as I enjoy your Connections radio series so very much. I didn’t catch the name of the artist of your first song, but oddly enough, it had a Jim Croce sort of tempo! Not particularly a fan of his, but something struck a chord there…( sorry)…

    Will get with you later. Thank you so much for posting this. It was fascinating for me in many ways. Particularly seeing your chording patterns without ever needing a capo. You just use your index finger and thumb….

    wow….just wow.:+)))

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    • You’re right Marty, that’s a northern accent and specifically has a West Yorkshire twang. There are a lack of ‘T’s and ‘H’s! I’m chuffed you like the session, the first tune I sang was ‘All Along The Watchtower’ by Bob Dylan; traditionally done using 4 chords but i put a jazz swing beat to it and only use two chords. I’m just lazy! Capos confuse me; I lose where I am on the fretboard so I have to work around that…it means my technique is born out of inability. :-)))) Thank s again for listening.


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