4 thoughts on “Connections 3

  1. Loved, loved, loved your show today. I posted my thoughts on your blog, but I don’t know how to post on the station format, or even if their is a forum for posting. Your family is beautiful and happy and warm and loving! I loved the spaniel in your brother’s arms. And I really don’t know who is more adorable: that precious baby, or the man with those dimples holding him…heehee. Seriously, I had not noticed your dimples before, and they are definitely lady-killers! Thanks for sharing those with me. Am here over at the beach staying overnight with a great friend from our work. She lives in Birmingham (Alabama) and comes down to get rejuvenated now & then. These pics are of The Pass. We are up on the 7th floor facing the Gulf. All of the bays, including my Perdido Bay, along with several other large ones, merge here to feed into the Gulf of Mexico. Only 20 minutes from my house….

    Happy Monday, dear man…. M.


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  2. Massively brilliant show today. I was literally listening to the Isley Brothers yesterday! I so agree that the crossover from gospel-ish to r&b is almost a given in so many of those wonderful groups of the era. I wandered over from them to one of my true loves, The Staple Singers, while they were still a family group, and then to the late legend, Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Watching her do This Train is a humbling, reverent experience.
    You mentioned so many of the great musicans on your show today, and I particularly enjoy your slow walk through the halls of Motown history, evident in some form on all your episodes. I , too, am a big fan of the strings, but my heart is in the horns. When those groups broke out on the scene with their step routines, their incredible suits and those trumpets and saxophones hit you, you were never the same!
    Thanks, Paul, for another provocative hour. You really make folks think, and form their own little personal connections. I just wish you were on once a week!

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