2 thoughts on “Unless … Part 2

  1. wow… what a revelation for me. What appeared to a song clearly about the monumental efforts required to release one’s demons, instead, when the funky melody & tempo were applied, became a joyous, upbeat cause for celebration of a soul’s victory in their defeat!! ( sorry for the long sentence ).
    Also, at about 1:30 minutes in, you spoke a few words with a pause and no music. I really loved that effect. Maybe even do it again @ “surrender your heart” moments (?).
    well, Paul, you sho can lay out a good one. I think you are taking your own advice and it’s working!

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    • Thanks Marty for your kind words…. I chose a funk soundtrack because traditionally funk is repetitive and so is addiction. The use of ‘need’ and ‘want’ are traditional funk soundbites too i.e. James Brown et al. The ‘stop’ is to ‘arrest’ the listener and is a device to be used only once for dramatic effect! xx


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